Welcome to The Book Tavern!


David Hutchison is the store owner. Big beard and really really tall. He likes craft beer and drinks lots of coffee. He knows a lot too. Check out some of his favorite books here!

Gabi Hutchison is the store owner. No beard though, so you won’t get her confused with the her co-owner. She keeps the store from looking terrible and comes up with our best ideas. She also makse sure we don’t mispell stff or do bad grammar. She’s mostly successful at this but sometimes David manages to sneak a few past her.

Marcus Plumlee is a retail assistant and resident social media director. He’s the employee who looks most like a Weasley. See some of his favorite and recommended books here!

Alex Sigers is a retail assistant and master photographer. You may think you’ve seen her twin working at New Moon Cafe, but that’s just her–she double dips! Check out some of her favorite books here!

Kenneth James Benson runs and hosts Super Awesome Storytime! every 4th Saturday of the month at 10:30 AM. See a list of past Super Awesome Storytime books herekennethjamesbenson.com