Welcome to The Book Tavern!



Can I return what I bought?
Sales on all USED, RARE, and CONSIGNMENT books are final sales. No returns. NEW books with your original receipt and in mint condition, you can return them within 7 days of purchased date.

Do you buy books or trade?
Yes. We offer store credit for your unwanted books that we want to add to our inventory. This store credit is good for only the USED books in the store. If you are wanting to sell your books, we occasionally will buy but we are more selective. For more details, just ask us.

What is the difference in USED and USED+++?
When browsing the USED books, there are two categories: USED & USED+++. Then it says only USED on the bar-code sticker, you can use all your store credit towards the cost. When it says USED+++, your store credit will pay for 50% and you will pay the remaining 50%.

Can you order NEW books and how long will it take?
Yes, we can order new books for you if the book is still being published. Typically our shipment of NEW books come in on Tuesday and Wednesday every week. As long as you place your order with us on Sunday, it will usually be in that week (unless it goes on back-order).

Can you order USED books in?
No, but we can create a request on your account so that if a certain books come in we will contact you.

Have more questions? Either send us a message through our contact, call us at 706.826.1940, or email David@booktavern.com.


Buying and Trading Books

We take pride in The Book Tavern being a local bookstore. And as a community store, we welcome the community to help us build our inventory. The Book Tavern buys used books and other goods from the community to help keep Augusta reading. Below are some of our policies regarding book buying and trading.

What is store credit?
Since we typically do not offer cash for your used books and other merchandise, we will instead buy your goods in store credit. How much credit you receive depends on the sellability and popularity of what you bring in. Store credit can be transferred to other Book Tavern shoppers. We do not offer a cash-out option on credit—meaning, if you have $10.00 in store credit, we cannot give you cash as an alternative.

Store credit can only be used towards used items. Here at The Book Tavern, we have two kinds of used items: USED and USED+++.

USED: store credit covers the total cost.

USED+++: store credit covers half of the total cost.

What do we offer store credit for?
We offer store credit for your gently used books and other merchandise, such as vinyl records, DVDs, and CDs.

Do we offer cash for books?
Most of the time, we will only offer store credit. However, if you have something that we are very interested in, we will offer cash. We are more selective with our cash-option sales. 


Return Policy

We only accept returns on new books. New books must be returned in mint condition with their original receipts within 7 calendar days.

All sales are final on used, rare, consigned, and clearance merchandise.

Do we accept returns on non-book items?
We only give returns on non-book items that are used.


Ordering Books

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can order it for you! Book orders can be placed in store, online, or over the phone.

When will my order arrive?
Book orders come in on Tuesday and Wednesday of every week unless they are on back order.

Can I request an order on anything?
Book orders are limited to books and graphic novels.

Can you order used books?
We can’t order used books; however, you can make a request for a book on your Book Tavern account and we will notify you when it comes across our counter!


Business Inquiries

Are you an author who wants to sell your book at The Book Tavern? Great! We have an author submission form right here on our website! Just fill it out and we will get back to you ASAP!


Are you an artist who wants to participate in our art shows? Awesome! We have an artist submission form right here on our website! Just fill it out and we will get back to you ASAP!


Miscellaneous Questions

Why didn’t you buy my book?
Unfortunately, as a small store, we can only take so much inventory. Your book might not be selected because we have so many copies of it.

Here at The Book Tavern, we like to stick to our rules. Unless we come across something really interesting—then we might break a few. So, in that case, our employees reserve the right to break any rules.

Have more questions? Either send us a message through our contact, call us at 706.826.1940, or email David@booktavern.com.