On May 25, 1977, Star Wars: a New Hope showed for the first time at the movies and we want to celebrate the 40th anniversary with an art show at The Book Tavern.

Guidelines to participate in the art show:
1. Every artist will need to buy a 6″ x 6″ box to create their artwork on. Boxes are $5+tax. You may enter up to 3 boxes into the art show. Artists must use these boxes as the base of their piece and may not exceed that size. This is for hanging purposes.
2. The Book Tavern will be acting as a gallery while the pieces are being shown during the art show. They will be hanging, actively selling, collecting money on the artist behalf, and giving the artwork to buyers at the end of the show. The Book Tavern will take 20% commission on all sales.
3. Hard deadline is May 1st, 6pm. No exceptions.
4. Prices of each piece is set by the artist with a min $50; max $100.
5. On the back of the box, please fill out the sheet attached with contact info, mailing address, website (if applicable), title of piece, and a couple sentences about the artwork.
6. Artists who do have their work sold will be paid at the end of the art show. The artist is welcome to either pick up their check or have it mailed to them. The art show is scheduled to come down May 25th.
7. If artwork does not sell, it must be picked up no later than two weeks from the end of the art show. Artwork that’s not picked up will become sole property of The Book Tavern to use, sell, or give away as see fit.

Have any questions, please feel free to email

Looking forward to seeing what you all do and…
May the force be with you.