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Sons of Zeruiah: The Betrayals of King David


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Sons of Zeruiah
The Betrayals of King David
by Meyer, Brian Lee
Published: 08/10/2019


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The ringing of swords can be heard in Israel once again.

While war has brought Abishai and Joab wealth and prestige, new threats are emerging. As the trumpets of battle call, one brother will struggle to build the home and family for which he has always yearned; the other will grapple with his very sanity. At the worst possible time, they will face betrayal from the person they least expect. Can they escape infamy and rise to glory a second time? Will they even survive long enough to do so?

Sons of Zeruiah: The Betrayals of King David is the climactic sequel to Brian Lee Meyer’s breakout novel. The story maintains its historical and cultural authenticity which readers enjoyed in The Mighty Men of King David. Betrayals crescendos with action, heartache, and brotherhood right up to the satisfying finish.