David Hutchison is the store owner. Big beard and really really tall. He likes craft beer and drinks lots of coffee. He knows a lot too.

Gabi Hutchison is the store owner. No beard though, so you won’t get her confused with the her co-owner. She keeps the store from looking terrible and comes up with our best ideas. She also makse sure we don’t mispell stff or do bad grammar. She’s mostly successful at this but sometimes David manages to sneak a few past her.

Kenneth James Benson is the swiss army knife for The Book Tavern. He runs the Super Awesome Storytime. Keeps the social media and website grooving. And he likes to draw dinosaurs.

Michael Jerome Denney is our faithful quarter-timer. He can charm the sparkle from a star and sell you anything even if he has not clue what he’s selling you. Be on the look out for this guy.

Jared Gordon is our shelf awareness expert. By day he saves lives in laboratories, but on nights and weekends, he dons his glasses and sweater-vest to make sure every book is in it’s right place.

Nathan Jenks is our part time cleaner upper. A nurse by trade, but currently our go to help when we are in a pinch. He is our resident Chess Master and truly our ray of sunshine at the bookstore. He is a beautiful man.

You are the most important member of the team. You faithfully discover great books and tell us about them. You take books home, read them, pass them around, and sometimes bring them back in so others can discover them too. We couldn’t do it without you!