Are we really burning books?

December 29, 2009

The number one question I am asked since The Great Book Burning Sale began is whether or not The Book Tavern is really going to burn books? While the future is the future precisely because we can’t be as certain of what will happen as we are about what’s happening right this moment, I fully intend to burn books in front of our store on Saturday, January 9th as soon as the sky gets dark. Some people can’t believe we would consider the act of book burning because they know we hold a sacred feeling for words in print. I sympathize with a sensibility which seeks to preserve words and knowledge. It’s the main reason I am willing to let you buy the books discounted rather than see them burn. But they must go, because changes are coming. And on that fateful day, the Book Tavern must become Fahrenheit 1026°. This transformation is not purposeless. The Book Tavern has been in Downtown Augusta for over 4 years and remain relatively unchanged. In the wake of so many amazing stores closing near us, we realized an adaptation was quickly becoming necessary. So the change is coming. Keep watching the horizon. Join us on twitter, facebook, or subscribe to our email service. Come rescue books and make sure you are there on the ninth to witness the death of the old by fire!

p.s. – for those of you who think book burning is great, we also offer you this option: buy a book and reserve it for the fires. See Katie for details.

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