Can I return what I bought?
Sales on all USED, RARE, and CONSIGNMENT books are final sales. No returns. NEW books with your original receipt and in mint condition, you can return them within 7 days of purchased date.

Do you buy books or trade?
Yes. We offer store credit for your unwanted books that we want to add to our inventory. This store credit is good for only the USED books in the store. If you are wanting to sell your books, we occasionally will buy but we are more selective. For more details, just ask us.

What is the difference in USED and USED+++?
When browsing the USED books, there are two categories: USED & USED+++. Then it says only USED on the bar-code sticker, you can use all your store credit towards the cost. When it says USED+++, your store credit will pay for 50% and you will pay the remaining 50%.

Can you order NEW books and how long will it take?
Yes, we can order new books for you if the book is still being published. Typically our shipment of NEW books come in on Tuesday and Wednesday every week. As long as you place your order with us on Sunday, it will usually be in that week (unless it goes on back-order).

Can you order USED books in?
No, but we can create a request on your account so that if a certain books come in we will contact you.

Have more questions? Either send us a message through our contact, call us at 706.826.1940, or email